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Post or directly painted on the fixed signs advertising. Generally used painting or paint, hand drawn in signs. Jinan billboard mainly has three, a is direction, there is also a is equivalent to the public service advertising, secondly it is to sell advertising for some small businesses, various types, eye-catching! Billboard is typical of outdoor advertising.


Jinan billboards from the start to today, the characteristic of media is always consistent. It is established in the downtown area and a lot better, but also more and more pedestrian, and advertisement effect stronger, the striking visuals realistic, three-dimensional sense of strong reproduced the charm of goods, to set up the urban image of the product (brand) the most effect, and convenient to exchange the posted. Material is waterproof, sunscreen function.


With the rapid development of commercial product marketing activities, Jinan billboard types and forms also have the corresponding development. Layout form of painting has not been able to make full use of the sections of the media, then use the connecting strip three-dimensional surface modeling techniques, with automatic circuit control, the billboard can from time to time reversal.


, Jinan billboard position can placed three different advertising materials, and because of its flip effect is more noticeable. The dynamic electric billboard is a trend in current international popular. Signs were replaced by paper and flexible materials, there will be more large advertising posters and large light box advertising, either the light or, hit the lights or, clear as day. In the light for flexible material rotating, the outer light is triangle of three face turning.


The large multi picture of Jinan billboards, both dynamic, modeling is also extremely exquisite and has more functions. It not only conveys information, to guide pedestrians timekeeping and weather forecasting. In addition, advertising material signs on the back also made beautification and become two sides to see road signs.