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1, Ji'nan advertising brand lighting should comply with the relevant technical standards.
2, Ji'nan advertising brand lamps, electrical wires, electrical appliances should be in line with the technical specifications of open air installation engineering.
3、betway必威体育 / 用电的配线不得明敷于地面。
3, Ji'nan advertising licensing power distribution shall not be used on the ground.
4, Ji'nan advertising brand should be according to the requirements of lighting products wiring. Wire and cable without sheath in the slot or catheter, can ensure that the device plays a role in the use of equivalent protection.
5, pipe, wire and cable laying should be neat and firm. The total area of the cross section of the wire is not more than 60% of the net area of the cross section of the line. The total area of the conduit is not greater than the net area of the pipe cross section. The fixed distance between the hose should not be greater than 1m, and the end of the end head is not more than 0.1m.