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A, beautiful generous: unlike the traditional Jinan billboard billboard, because it is made of aluminum alloy, under the baptism of the nature, expose to the weather for a considerable period of time, but also to maintain original appearance, will not be deformed.
Two, beautify the environment: a good Ji'nan billboard, not only can make the advertising brand is beautiful, but also improve the aesthetic view of the surrounding environment, because it is made of aluminum alloy, itself is a high-end products, but also a symbol of identity.
, visual enjoyment: Jinan billboard display surface is by a root of aluminum alloy equilateral triangle. According to reasonable parallel emission, by micro computer control motor running, to drive the parallel to the prism, in rotation, give you a visual impact, let the roadside pedestrian, could not help but stopped ahead of the pace, stopped to watch.
四、流畅美:betway必威体育 / 在指定的时间,自动换画时,每根三棱柱都会按照各自的顺序,一根根向前翻动,就像小河流水一样,给你一种流畅感。 五、抗风性:betway必威体育的展示面是由三棱柱制成,在基础架稳定的情况下,能抗八级以上的台风。
Fourth, smooth beauty: Jinan billboards in the specified time, auto painting, each prism will in accordance with the respective order, a root forward flip, like a stream flowing, give you a sense of fluency. Five, wind resistance: Ji'nan billboard display is made of three prism, in the case of the stability of the foundation, can resist more than eight typhoons.
Six, increasing screen visibility: Jinan billboards, unlike conventional static advertisement, it is a kind of life, soul, dynamic advertising, in a move a quiet, showing their own unique charm, to move around the customer, truly achieve the significance of advertising.
Seven, flat screen of: due to the Jinan billboard picture is made of outdoor car stickers, paste in the triangular prism, not like traditional advertising picture that dance with the wind, from beginning to end, give a person a dignified, including static, give a person a kind of gentle beauty
Eight, dynamic: Ji'nan advertising brand strong dynamic to a huge visual impact, firmly attract people's eyes.
九、合理的利用有限的户外广告位:betway必威体育具有在原有广告牌面积的基础上增加两个完全独立的画面,即具有一变三的独特优势。更好的利用空间,为您的企业带来 更为可观的收益。
Nine, reasonable use of limited outdoor advertising spaces: Ji'nan advertising brand has in the original brand area based on the increase of two completely independent picture, that has a unique advantage of three. Better use of space for your business to bring more considerable benefits.
Three, ten face turn of the novel: Ji'nan advertising brand production of this fashion media to design novel, atmosphere, beautiful bracket and decoration, in particular the design exquisite elegant picture, can become a city landscape, become the focus of this area and the human landscape.